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What is a dive watch depth rating?

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
What is a dive watch depth rating?

For watch enthusiasts, the questions about dive watch depth ratings are critical. There are many theories about this topic, citing if there is really a need for dive watches to have an official depth rating or if those are helpful in real-life situations underwater.

In diving, safety is still the primary concern of divers. It is vital to dive at a depth that is tolerable by the body. Dive watches have bezels to help in tracking elapsed time, unlike dive computers, which are now popular among divers. This device can measure both time and depth and provide other real-time dive information, which is useful for divers.

Regardless of which device to use, understanding the concept of a dive watch rating is useful. A dive watch depth rating refers to the static pressure that the watch can withstand. The idea is associated with water resistance, but the rating itself is another topic.

During manufacturing, a dive watch’s rating is determined under controlled variables only. Controlled variables mean, the water and the pressure are all static, and that the actual rating it has remains true on that same environment alone.

If you are underwater, the pressure continually changes as you go further down. The safest way to make sure that the watch can withstand this pressure is to choose one that is beyond what you need.

For example, the recommended rating for scuba diving is within the range of 20 to 50 ATM or 200-500 meters, but it is better to get a watch with a higher ATM than 50. In doing so, the watch can not get damaged if you reach depth over 500 meters.

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