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Aquinus honors a 2-year International Guarantee for all watches purchased on its website. This guarantee covers material and manufacturing defects. Please note that the warranty is only valid if the certificate is dated and correctly completed.

If the watch is beyond repair, Aquinus can order a replacement of a similar timepiece. The new warranty for the replacement watch is valid for twenty-four (24) months after the issued replacement date.

Only the watch movement, hands and dial are the covered components during the warranty period.  Repairs for other parts may be possible with a specific fee to be determined by the repair team. If the parts are defective in terms of the material used or craftsmanship, we can choose if the mentioned parts above will be repaired or replaced. 

Please note that a $10.00 return shipping fee will be charged to all warranty service. 

General Warranty Exclusions 

  • Damage on battery, case, crystal, strap and buckle or bracelet, and crown
  • Damage resulting from improper handling, lack of care, accidents, or normal wear and tear
  • Water damage due to negligence unless marked water-resistant
  • Repairs made by third-party shops without Aquinus’ approval
  • Loss, theft, accidents (nicks, dents, shocks, blows, crushing, etc.), natural disasters and calamities

For repairs not covered by an expired warranty or other reasons, the minimum service fee is $40.00. This is inclusive of the return shipping and handling fee. 


All clients must contact the Customer Service for instructions and repair process before shipping the watch. Every claim should have a Repair Ticket Number provided by the Customer Service. It will be attached to the service request ticket. 

Before sending the watch to us, an authorization from the Customer Service is needed. The Customer Service will advise if the item qualifies for the warranty or not and provide an estimated cost (if it falls outside the warranty period and coverage). 

Any watches for repair sent to us without proper Repair Ticket Number are considered invalid requests and will be returned to the sender without prior notice. 


Enjoy your Aquinus watch, worry-free! You can extend your warranty for an extra year by registering the watch before its initial warranty expires. This makes a total of a three-year warranty period and is valid for all Aquinus watches.

If you need to use this service, you will be asked to use the same email, as the one registered and our team will request additional information.

For other concerns regarding warranty, kindly email us