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What makes a watch a dive watch

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
What makes a watch a dive watch

Diving watches are robust tools that go beyond the conventional timekeeping element. They have been created to defy some of the harshest conditions known to man while providing critical information to their user.

Diving watches are designed to withstand extreme pressures. To that effect, their case is made thicker to prevent water seepage and cause deformation.

Furthermore, the materials used need to be capable of enduring the extreme corrosiveness of seawater for extended periods. Austenitic stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium are the standards.

The dive watch transcends the timekeeping element through its rotating bezel, which provides a reliable way to compute time spent underwater. As you start resurfacing, the bezel becomes a timer for you to perform your decompression stops accurately.

Because of the low visibility that divers can face, a dive watch is designed to provide accurate, and high visibility timekeeping with both the hands and dial numerals enlarged to that effect. Furthermore, strontium aluminate based paint produce light for low visibility and night dives.

The crown has an additional safety built in to prevent misuse while underwater. A screwing mechanism is put in place with the benefit of providing increased water protection to the watch while preventing an unintentional time change, which can jeopardize a diver’s measurements.

A diver’s watch is more than just for timekeeping. Its purpose is to provide crucial information to its operator no matter the depth, conditions or situation.

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