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How to change an Aquinus Hydrautica watch strap?

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How to change an Aquinus Hydrautica watch strap?

You may consider flaunting other styles for your watch by regularly changing straps as a watch enthusiast. Regardless of the kind of watch, you can always change its strap based on your preference and fashion.

For diving watches, your strap preference may depend on the occasion. Are you using the watch as a casual timepiece, for diving, or formal events? Some watch enthusiasts argue that it does not matter if you can sport it well with your outfit.

So, how to change a dive watch’s strap?

Technically, changing a dive watch’s strap does not differ much from other timepieces. What matters is if it has a quick-release strap or regular bracelet since the steps in changing vary depending on the type of strap.

If your original strap is a quick release, then it is all set. There is no need to use tools. However, if it is a bracelet, it likely has no quick release feature. In this case, you need to have a set of tools ready.

As for your tools, make sure your kit is complete. It can have one or all of the following:

  • A watch pin remover tool with a forked end is used to hold the watch’s spring bars.

  • For removing or changing metal bracelets, the spring bar remover tool is the most essential one. Just make sure it is the one with a pin end.

  • Make sure to stock some extra spring bars in case you lose some bars during the strap changing process.

Changing a Hydrautica Strap to Quick Release

All quick release straps have capsa spring bars on both ends, facilitating easy detachment of the straps from both watch’s lugs. The spring bars on both ends can be removed with just a click and be replaced right away with the new strap.

The Aquinus Hydrautica Collection has available replacement rubber straps. They come in black and blue colors and have capsa spring bars.

However, since the original Hydrautica straps are not quick release type, you still need to use a tool in changing your Hydrautica strap. To make sure you are changing your strap correctly, follow these steps:

  • First, clean the table and place a towel or handkerchief. Lay your watch with dial facing down.

  • To detach the strap from the lug, gently insert the spring bar tool with forked end between the strap and the lug. If the forked end already grabs the bar’s ridge, apply a steady downward pressure to compress it on the other side.

  • Then, gently remove the strap or bracelet. Repeat the same step for the additional strap.

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