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At Aquinus, we are divers, explorers, and watchmakers. We create diving watches that meet the demands of the ocean and the unique needs of divers all over the world.

Living both above and below the water, we have great reverence for the ocean but recognize it is a fragile ecosystem at risk and understand that we all have a responsibility to protect it.


An essential part of our mission is to be eco-responsibly committed to the world’s oceans. We work with inspiring organizations around the world that are making a big difference in the fight to safeguard the oceans for the future.

We give back through the Aquinus Sponsorship, our outreach program that helps to raise money for local NGOs working on ocean conservation projects so our future generations can experience the beauty and wonder of the world’s oceans.


From the horologists desks to the seas

The AQUINUS story begins in 2019 in New York with its very first collection- Immersius. A professional dive watch designed for the deep. We brought it to the seas of Cebu, Philippines for testing.

Named as the ‘Best Diving Area, Overseas’ during the 2020 Marine Diving Awards held in Japan, the diverse underwater ecosystem of the Philippines just makes you want to dive deeper. And coveting the grand prize after hovering over the Top 3 spot since 2018, diving through its vast and vibrant seabed only invokes one’s creativity more from its deepest. Bringing the watch to these wonderful seas convinced us that we aren’t on a riptide, but on the right path.

Thus, was the birth of the AQUINUS.

In early 2020, AQUINUS captured Kudeta Lab’s interest and was co-owned under its many projects. It’s an industry incubator and being taken under its wing, AQUINUS has evolved from just any watch brand into a confident diver watch brand. With their expertise and experience, our brand can now boast of excellent quality and horological legitimacy.

The AQUINUS community is not just composed of divers who love watches or watchmakers who love diving. We are both and we have the highest reverence for the ocean. Not just as a part of the world we’re living in, but as a vital link that connects us to nature and makes us who we are.

We don’t just make watches for fun, either. As enthusiasts, we make sure we can rely on the tools we bring with us underwater and that includes our dive watches. Therefore, we designed our timepieces with the help of the leaders of fine watchmaking craftsmanship.

From our horologist’s table in New York and Switzerland to the seas of Cebu, Philippines where our first watches were tested, AQUINUS is committed to bringing you quality dive watches that’s worth a diver’s trust. Powered with Japanese and Swiss movements, we also make certain each watch provides true value for your money.

AQUINUS is a watch on a mission.

We make watches to raise funds for inspiring local organizations around the world that are doing efforts to help protect our oceans. That is why we tapped Marine Conservation Philippines as the inspiration four our MCP2019 collection and the first beneficiary of our social responsibility program.

Our passion is not only to just provide professional dive watches with resistance, accuracy, and versatility, but also a way to make a difference to our ecosystem.


That Watch looks amazing and that I like most of it is the quality and the felling to Wear it. It felt as a really expensive watch to use it. And I know what I’m talking about. I use a Rolex submarine normally. But I use this watches more and more . See you Patrik Excuse my bad English 🙋🏼‍♂️
Well the watch is not bad im yousing it everyday and dident find any problems with it. Took it to 40 m and everything is ok. I think you should change the packing. The top of the round box that is just glued to it looks super bad when you unpacking the watch. Its a watch for 300dolars so the packing should be perfect. It did rusted a bit on one pin after almost 20 times using.
First of all the packaging is absolutely amazing when I first opened it. It felt like everything, even the box, was high quality. Great first impression. Changing the time on the watch was super easy, it’s a super smooth watch and I’m obsessed with how it works and looks! I’ve been getting many compliments on it, I sometimes wear it when I’m out and about and people love it! I love how many options you guys have for different watch styles/colors!“womanly” colors like pinks, purple ect! If you guys ever want to collaborate on a watch design (maybe geared towards women) I’d love to be able to work with you guys!
Ok first of all, i appreciated a lot the free-plastic packaging, that's great The little waterproof bag is such a good idea !! You have to communicate about that 😍 (i will do a report on my blog and mention that for sure) I like the watch so much... Very good looking, a real dive watch, pretty heavy, very nice quality What it miss is maybe a notice about how to set the bracelet ! Actually i tried with a very little screwdriver, without success... And finally went to a watch shop (after the lockdown😁)❤️ Actually it's not screw That's a detail About the design, maybe you could think about silicon strap- great for diving. Maybe some model with the date too.
The watch is wonderful, it is very robust and beautiful. I would put the strap longer since when you put it on top of the wetsuit, the strap is very short. Or put some expansion to the strap ... it's the only weird thing I see. For the rest, a marvel of material.
Hey! I like it, there are some rust spots already which are concerning, and I do rinse it each day. But it looks good and functions well!
Will send a separate email review. Frankly, this Hydrautica has been my daily watch since I put it on. It's great. I do miss seeing the number of the day that is on the face of most of my other watches but that's not a disadvantage. You are definitely doing a world class job of getting your watches on the wrists of divers across the planet.
I have absolutely no complaints. The watch is really well made and even perfect for ladies with small wrists like mine. If I could design one I would make one with purple on. So, black face and part of the bezel black and the small part of the bezel purple. Or a purple face and black bezel. But that's just me being selfish because I love purple. 😁
I absolutely love my watch! When I was looking on the website I did think they were looking like men’s watches but when mine arrived it was smaller and more feminine that I had imagined (in a very good way!) I love the rubber strap, it doesn’t slide on my wetsuit or drysuit and the numbers glowing on the Face is a huge plus as i am a cave diver and often doing night dives on the reef
Packaging and presentation were very beautiful. I think it’s a beautiful watch. I think the one I chose is perfect for a woman’s wrist, definitely not to large. I really like the band. It’s very comfortable and not to long. I think it’s a very well designed, thought out, and beautiful watch.




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