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What is a dive computer watch?

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
What is a dive computer watch?

Divers all over the world, make sure that they are always well-equipped. Aside from their dive gears, dive watches are still essential for them. They also use more advanced technology to help them navigate underwater, such as a dive computer watch.

Known as a personal decompression computer, the dive computer watch looks like a dive watch but has more sophisticated features. For divers, a watch is a signature accessory, but a dive computer is their best friend. It is used to keep track of dive details to help them avoid decompression sickness, a severe medical condition.

When divers start to swim to the surface, they need to make sure that they are in pace – not too fast nor slow. It is a way to prevent nitrogen bubbles build-up in the body and to do this, and they must make decompression stops in time intervals and depths.

Another practical use of a dive computer is to monitor the nitrogen levels within the allowed limit by setting the safe ascent profile based on the diver’s information. This helps them understand when the perfect point to ascent is and the pace they should make.

Since a dive watch computer can calculate the gases and dissolved nitrogen in the body, it displays the diver’s No Decompression Limit (NDL) or the detailed information that shows how much dive time is left based on their profile.

Aside from this life-saving purpose, such computer can also be used to analyze the oxygen gas used for breathing and as an electronic compass underwater. It also has a gas blending calculator and a global navigation satellite receiver.

Still, do not forget that dive watches are helpful. They are never obsolete, and divers use them as a secondary tool for time tracking.


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