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What are tool watches?

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
What are tool watches?

Wristwatches’ primary usage is for time-telling, especially the casual watches. However, the emergence of functional timepieces coined the term ‘tool watches’ over time, which referred to watches used as tools in accomplishing tasks. Today, among the known tool watches are the dive and pilot watches.

The History of Tool Watches

The term ‘tool watches’ became a buzzword around the early twentieth century, although its concept could be traced centuries ago. It was inspired by Queen Elizabeth I of England when she was given a watch on armlet by Robert Dudley in 1571. Another royalty, Queen of Naples, Caroline Murat, received a functional timepiece in 1810 from Abraham-Louis Breguet.

Back then, these watches from royalties were considered functional timepieces built to tell time on their wrists. However, this concept has changed and is now associated with watches made with certain functionalities not found on the usual wristwatches.

Aquinus offers dive watches specially designed for professional divers. It is considered a tool watch primarily because of its rotating bezel and high resistance against water pressure. Divers use a dive watch because it helps navigate underwater, especially with its feature, to help divers estimate the remaining time before they ascend using the bezel.

A dive watch is never obsolete if it serves its purpose accordingly. It is one reason why dive timepieces continue to thrive despite having dive computers in the market.

The featured watch above is the Aquinus Hydrautica ASSQR7BSW003, a sturdy tool watch powered by Ronda 763 Swiss-Made movement. It has a satin white silver dial paired with shiny black hands and indexes with white luminous, and bezel that makes tracking elapsed time underwater easy and convenient.

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