Born in Paris (France), Steven was raised in Egypt in a diving center owned by his family. A dive instructor at 18 years old, he travelled across the world for over a decade. His trips and thousands of dives with sharks, led him to study not only shark behavior but also the threats affecting these species and their conservation.

Founder of Shark Education in 2011, he specializes in shark-diver interactions and organizes thematic dive trips to discover sharks around the world as well as lectures and seminars during private and public events. He works in partnership with worldwide shark scientists and published many articles focused on the subject of shark-human interaction, which are unique of its kind as there are no books written about it. He is one of the few divers to have been able to dive out of a cage with a great white shark and to practice shark tonic immobility.

Steven was the ambassador of the 2020 Paris Dive Show.