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“We are on a mission to do our parts in saving the oceans”

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
“We are on a mission to do our parts in saving the oceans”

Becoming a diver for me wasn’t something that was initially on my radar. While on a conservation trip to Indonesia, I started diving to pass some time and fell in love. After one dive, I immediately wanted to pursue a professional career.

After diving now for over 17 years, my focus is on teaching professional and technical dive programs. What’s appealing is the love for the mentoring relationship with professional dive students. Watching them grow and build a career in scuba diving is a great thing.

One of my favorite local places to dive is called Snapper rock. It features some of the most incredible soft corals that I have seen anywhere in Costa Rica. They are found far below the surface, so I must use my technical training dive. When I dive for pure enjoyment, my best friend Kat, is my go-to dive buddy. I feel very comfortable diving with her because I know where she is at all times.

When scuba diving, equipment is an essential part of the enjoyment. One of my favorite pieces is my mask, which is a part of me; I hardly notice it’s on my face.

However, its not the only piece of equipment that’s important. My timekeepers play a crucial role. I always dive with a watch as a back up to my computer. Not all computers tell seconds, and when running deco plans in technical diving it is vital. For a good dive watch, it would have to be resistant up to at least 10atm. Comfortable and easy to read as well, and let’s not forget stylish, I love metal bands that not only look good but also feel secure.

After so many years in the industry, I would have to say one of my greatest achievements was earning my PADI course director rating. With only an 8% female student ratio on the program it felt pretty good to be scoring high and representing professional women divers around the world.

As I move through my career, I look for the next step and challenge, which I think is building the marine conservation non-profit I started here in Costa Rica. We are on a mission to do our parts in saving the oceans.

I love what I do as a diver and look forward to what the future brings.

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