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“My Journey Into Deep Technical Scuba Diving”

By :Remi Chabrat 0 comments
“My Journey Into Deep Technical Scuba Diving”

As humans, most of the things we do are taught to us by others. We want to do things because we trust the apparent proof that with a generous application of time and training, we too can aspire to new heights.

I started my journey into deep technical scuba diving by surviving some very careless and not very well thought out dives.

I have come to realize since, that I am prone to trust gurus, and that there aren’t any. Technical diving touches the frontier of our understanding of physics, physiology, and psychology, and today’s truths are almost certainly tomorrow’s lies.

My advice to new scuba divers who look to expand their limits is to scrutinize their motivations and pay close attention to who you look up to, and why you do it. Remember that poor drivers can drive fast cars too.

Understand that anyone you learn from is all too likely to be wrong about many things. The good ones will admit it.

Learn from as many people as you can, consider anything before discarding it and never be dogmatic.  Form opinions but only let them move into your head on a limited lease. Once a better tenant comes along, old ideas must go.

I wish you safe adventures at depth.

(Soren Knudsen is a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer and the Program Manager of Marine Conservation Philippines).

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